Kasseler Kunsthappen | Terrace


FN2, the trio of Urban Beyer, Heiko Eulen and Jörg Müller-Fest, invite you to enjoy the “Kasseler Kunsthappen” on the terrace of the Museum for Sepulchral Culture. The ingredients: well-seasoned musical specialties, interesting samples provided by musicians from Kassel, complemented by the best sandwiches (“Stulle”) of the city prepared by “Stulle & Gut”.

STULLE & GUT have devoted themselves to the honest and sustainable culinary pleasure of bread. Since 2001 they have become popular for their numerous Pop-Up-Cafés and sales promotions.

Entrance free



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Museumscafe, Museum für Sepulkralkultur

Kerstin Röhn und Urban Beyer
© Roehn-Beyer