About us

Two decisive factors influence the further development of culture: love – and death!

The Museum for Sepulchral Culture devotes itself to death in all its facets, a topic that arouses emotions, perhaps even anxiety and fear in many people. Whoever comes to visit the museum will leave through the front door with the message: Fare well!

Life is finite, which may at first seem depressing, but that is what gives it its irretrievable uniqueness.

The museum, which opened in 1992, is also unique, and evolved from the activity of the Study Group for Cemeteries and Memorials (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e.V.). If it is death which underlines what life really is, it means that this museum is all about life, so that sometimes you will even encounter love here – or Eros.

Since the Renaissance, many artists have devoted themselves to the subject of Death and Maidens.

Sometimes death shows its humorous side, or people retaliate to death with laughter. And just as the church once celebrated the custom of “Easter laughter”, there is no reason to refrain from laughing in the Museum of Sepulchral Culture.