Permanent exhibition


Permanent exhibition

Death is strongly present in the media. But when it comes to personal encounters with death, many people feel a great uncertainty. The reason is that the immediate confrontation with dying and death has become less frequent in comparison with earlier times.

The consequence is, on the one hand, that many rituals connected with funerals and mourning have lost their binding force; on the other hand, there is an increasing need for the recognition of new possibilities and means of expression.

This tension between the past, the present and the future forms the focus of the permanent exhibition, which consists of two sections: 1. Dying, Death, Burial and 2. Cemetery and Grave.

The permanent display consists of exhibits from the fields of folk art, craftsmanship and handicrafts. There are also examples of contemporary art and product design. The permanent exhibition deals principally with the sepulchral culture in German-speaking areas, thus reflecting the museum’s main collection.

Since spring 2014, the permanent exhibition has been extended to the field of religions and their funeral rites in Germany, since the issue of the burial of migrants in German cemeteries has become increasingly important in recent years.