Adieu Benjamin Adieu Benjamin
Adieu Benjamin
© Compagnie Les Voisins


2. February 2020 | 5pm

A touching puppet theatre about grief and death

based loosely on the children's book
by Willy Schuyesmans for children from 9 years and adults

17:00 - 20:00 (50 minutes)

in German language
The COMPAGNIE LES VOISINS is taking part in the special exhibitions "LAMENTO. Mourning and Tears" at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture and "ROTES KÄPPCHEN, BLAUER BART" in the Grimmwelt for the occasion, two suitable pieces from her repertoire to Kassel:

"Adieu Benjamin" in the Museum for Sepulchral Culture and "The Queen of Colours" in the Grimmwelt (February 1, 2020 at 6 pm)

What is at issue?

It starts like this: "So, that's it. Now I'm dead. Funny, my heart, it stopped beating. And I can't breathe.Only my feet, they still stink. . . "

Benjamin is 10 years old when he dies. He leaves his body and looks astonished at the hospital bed in which he is so peacefully lying there. He observes what now happens to his body and attends his own funeral. In the kingdom after that he learns know the old Fiendje, who helps him find his way around. It's only his family that Benjamin worries about. But he knows how to help them can help him get over his death and say goodbye. Benjamin's story tells of life and death, of letting go and remembering, of what goes and above all of what remains.

A sad, cheerful and comforting puppet show, which, with an unusual lightness, inspires us to deal with death deal with it. The sensitive and moving narrative style and the accompanying viola sounds make this piece (also for adults) to something very special.


Presented, with the help of a big ball, many figures and some dolls, a viola, a narrator, a musician and of course a (puppet) player.

After the performance there will be the opportunity for a conversation with the actors.

Writing, Directing, Acting:

Paul & Eva Schmidtchen


Frauke Jacobi

Live music:

Axel D. Wolf (Bratsche)


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