3. July 2020


Composition initiative Kassel

out of the series

"Musik am Horizont"

In cooperation with the Museum for Sepulchral Culture, the Kompositionsinitiative Kassel (KIK) is organizing its second concert this year. However, considerably more concerts were planned in the series "Musik am Horizont". Due to the COVID19 pandemic it unfortunately had to be cancelled and will be made up for in 2022. All the more we are pleased to present the works of the KIK in the Museum for Sepulchral Culture.

The basic theme of this concert fits to a year in which extreme conditions prevail: You could call it "Crossing the Threshold". Even if we only cross the threshold of a front door, we find ourselves confronted with a different space, a different situation, a different inner state. How much stronger, how much more extreme this situation becomes when there are other thresholds to cross, such as: making a difficult decision to enter a new stage of life, death or life itself. 20 visitors were able to experience this extraordinary concert.

To the pieces

In his work "vingt-trois" for speakers, the Javanese instruments Kendang and Slenthem as well as tape, Ulli Götte deals with the way a person deals with death. Based on the novel "Der Fremde" by Albert Camus, the work deals with this extreme situation. The two opening works also deal with the crossing of a threshold: Diego Jascalevich's work "Muerte de la Luz" (The Death of Light) is choreographically interpreted by the dancer Dalia Rocio. The music is set for charango, double bass, percussion and singing. To a certain extent, "Am Horizont" for solo violin by Jens Josef can be heard as a prelude. The middle part of the concert consists of works by Musa Nkuna, Werner Kirschbaum, Michael Töpel and Martin Forciniti. The energetic and captivating work "solofight" for saxophone and bass drum by Werner Kirschbaum is framed by two rather quiet pieces: The movements 2 and 6 "Xibelana" and "Shona Dance" from the large-scale suite for violoncello solo "Six Dances from Southern Africa" by Musa Nkuna and the "Three String Pieces" for violin solo by Michael Töpel. The diabolical fantasy "Professionell musikalischer Dilettantismus", also for solo violin, by Martin Forciniti adds a special colour to the programme.

The solo pieces performed by the well-known Kassel interpreters Nina Osina, Gang Wang and Matthias Schubert are all world premieres.


Jens Josef, "On the horizon" for violin solo - Part I (premiere)
Nina Osina – violin

Diego Jascalevich, "Muerte de la luz" for soundtrack and dance (premiere)
Diego Jascalevich – Soundtrack (vocals, charango,
double bass and percussion)
Dalia Rocio – Dance

Musa Nkuna, Two movements from the Suite for violoncello solo
"Six Dances from Southern Africa" (1999)
2nd movement: Xibelana, 6th movement: Shona Dance
Gang Wang – Cello

Werner Kirschbaum, ""solofight"" for T-Sax and B-Drum (premiere)
Mabhias Schubert – T-Sax and B-Drum

Michael Töpel, "Three string pieces" for violin solo (premiere)
Nina Osina – violin

Martin Forciniti, "Professional musical dilettantism" for violin solo (2020) (premiere)
Nina Osina – violin

Ulli Götte, "vingt-trois" for speakers*, Kendang, Slenthem and tape (2009)
Ulli Götte – Kendang, Slenthem (instruments from Java)

Due to the current situation, 20 visitors were able to experience this extraordinary concert.

The members of the KIK


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