Imagine the unimaginable Imagine the unimaginable
Imagine the unimaginable
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Photo: Markus Hühn


22. December 2018

Dance Project with students at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture

Performance and exhibition

After two intensive trial weekends, the participating young people were ready to manifest their experiences, questions and answers in moving pictures. The view was directed both inwards and outwards, for example: Whom does my last will serve? What can we know about death and what can we express afterwards? Do I have to be afraid of death? Do animals die happier? And why do we lose people who mean something to us?

In three excursions there were previously different ways of approaching the topic. Günter Törner, pastor of the Gethsemane Church Parish in Baunatal, created a sensitive evening of discussion on the questions of the young people. The visit to the artists' necropolis in Kassel Harleshausen was a journey of discovery that could be experienced. This and an extra tour of the special exhibition "Tutenfru! About Death and Superstition", were accompanied by the museum pedagogue Gerold Eppler.

No "Snow White fuss" was then brought on stage on December 22, 2019, as one participant put it. The young people were not only open to the challenging theme of death and transience. During the workshop units, the participants also got to know different materials and theatrical means of expression.

A documentation of the project filled a museum room with relics of the creative work process as well as black and white photographs from the time of exploration and rehearsals.

The project was funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art as part of the model project Kulturkoffer.


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