Kasseler Komik Kolloquium: The Advantages of the Vice Kasseler Komik Kolloquium: The Advantages of the Vice
Kasseler Komik Kolloquium: The Advantages of the Vice
© Lisa Eckhardt
Photo: Franziska Schrödinger


1. March 2020 | 7:30pm

sold out

Lisa Eckhardt: The advantages of the Vice

Not everything was bad under God. Good, for example, was that everything was bad. For all that was done was sin. But then God died unexpectedly of chronic boredom. So the fun came to an abrupt end. Today, ice cream companies, electronics stores and every second pop song are dragging the seven deadly sins into the mud: We were allowed everything and thus everything was taken away. Polyamory spoiled the fornication. All-You-Can-Eat buffets denatured gluttony. Facebook shamed vanity. First-person shooters liquidated the irascibility. Wellness hotels softened sloth. They all meant badly, but no end justifies mediocrity. That's why we need to reinvent sin.

Lisa Eckhart, author and cabaret artist, began as a poetry slammer and has recently been awarded numerous prizes. She easily upstages her older male colleagues and also challenges her audience in a non-conformist and eloquent manner.

An event in the context of the Kassel Comedy Colloquium 2020, which is organized by the Brückner-Kühner Foundation. The artistic director is the curator and managing director of the Brückner-Kühner Foundation, Dr. Friedrich W. Block.
Cooperation partners are the Caricatura - Galerie für Komische Kunst, the Kunsttempel, the Museum für Sepulkralkultur, the music academy "Louis Spohr", the municipal library Kassel, the University of Kassel, the University of Gießen as well as the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the State of Literature Hessen.


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