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Love the first day of the rest of your life

Reading with Johanna Klug

In ten legacies of the dying, the young end-of-life caregiver Johanna Klug shows what makes life valuable in the here and now.

Death is a topic that many people want to push away as far as possible – and yet we are all confronted with it sooner or later.

During her work on the palliative care ward, the young grief and death counselor Johanna Klug has met people who have to deal with their own finiteness very directly. Their stories are touching and thought-provoking – and they reveal insights about life that can only arise in the face of death. What is really important? What do the dying regret? What is the best way to deal with grief? Johanna Klug provides answers to all these questions in this sensitive and encouraging book, helping us to see life through different eyes.

Johanna Klug, born in 1994, is a trained death and grief counselor. After many years of experience in hospice and palliative care, she has specialized in accompanying the dying and in supporting (children's) bereavement groups. In addition, Johanna Klug was a study coordinator for the interdisciplinary course "Perimortal Sciences" (University of Regensburg), which deals with dying, death and mourning.


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