Opening Opening
Opening "Stephan Balkenhol. deadline" with "Fanfara Kalashnikov" in concert
© Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, Bildarchiv
Photo: Anja Köhne


5. April 2019 | 7:30pm

Full house at the opening night

On April 5, 2019, the exhibition "deadline" by the internationally renowned sculptor Stephan Blakenhol opened at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture in Kassel. In his artistic work, Balkenhol has already created many sculptures, reliefs and prints in which he deals with death in a symbolic way. The Museum for Sepulchral Culture shows old and new works on death in cooperation with Stephan Balkenhol. The open and light-flooded architecture of the museum, designed by Wilhelm Kücker, creates special spatial situations for the sculptures, most of which are in colour. It is the first thematic museum exhibition in his adopted home of Kassel, which will take place at a place familiar to him on the Kassel vineyard: Balkenhol went to school at the Friedrichsgymnasium on the opposite of the street in the 1970s. Here you can listen to the introduction to the exhibition by Dr. Dirk Pörschmann and Susanne Völker, head of the cultural department of the city of Kassel, Stephan Balkenhol's greeting and a commentary by Father Dr. Saalmann. The Berlin brass band Fanfara Kalashnikov provided the musical (very swift) background.



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