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by and with Enrique Keil (Voice) and Heiko Pape (Guitar)
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Songs for my Deceased

„... hope that the dead ones will forgive me for this day of my happiness.“  Silvio Rodriguez

Enrique Keil has lost some important people in recent years.

Who hasn't?

It's time to send grateful, melancholic and joyful signs of life to our dead. David Bowie, shortly before his death, fantasized about returning to the sites of his life as a dead man, asking mischievously, "You never knew that I could do that?" Is it possible to sing an "Ade" in a lilting way? How does love sound in Schwyzerdütsch/swiss German? Who dares to demand "Let The Happiness In" in a melancholic way? What is fulfilling about a death at the Mediterranean Sea? The sea in general: "No sabe el mar que es domingo" - it doesn't even know that it's Sunday. Yet "die Sonne scheint, als wäre niochts dabei.”/the sun shines as if nothing were wrong. We want to mourn "llorando"/weeping but not "que adentro nazcan cosas nuevas"/that new things grow in us.

Do we?

Songs for all who are afraid of death. For all who have to live with losses. For all those for whom death is part of life.

Enrique Keil lives and loves Kassel. He was an actor at the Staatstheater Kassel until August 2021. This is his fifth song program as a singer.

Heiko Pape plays guitar and is one of the most distinguished bass players in Germany. He also lives in Kassel.

***To make sure you always know what these songs from Argentina, Germany, England, Cuba, Switzerland, Spain and Uruguay are about, parts of the songs will be translated into German before they are performed and, it's documenta time, summarized in English.***

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