Talk Show of Death Talk Show of Death
Talk Show of Death


26. November 2021 ***cancelled***

Programme "Suizid – Let's talk about it!"


Unser Partner und Veranstalter der Talkshow des Todes, die FUNUS-Stiftung:

"Auch wenn es sehr sehr schade ist, müssen wir aufgrund von Krankheit unsere „Talkshow des Todes" am Fr absagen."

Talk show of Death

An event in cooperation with the FUNUS foundation

with Markus Kavka and other guests. With Nicholas Müller and Diana Doko (Freunde fürs Leben)

For the second time, the FUNUS Foundation invites to the talk show of death. Markus Kavka talks with his guests about life, dying and death, about depression, anxiety, panic attacks and suicide. As part of the exhibition Suicide – Let's talk about it!, which is on display at the Museum für Sepulkrallkultur since September 10, 2021, singer and writer Nicholas Müller, graphic artist, filmmaker and comic artist Schwarwel and Diana Doko from the association Freunde für's Leben will talk about their experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts and experiences.

  • Nicholas Müller enjoyed great success with his band Jupiter Jones before suffering from an anxiety disorder. In 2014, he left the band. After therapy, he founded the band von Brücken in 2015. Today, he performs again as Jupiter Jones. As a result of his own illness sicht Müller is committed to raising awareness on the subject of anxiety and is patron of the Deutsche-Angsthilfe e. V. (German Anxiety Aid Association).
  • The comic artist Schwarwel has been living with depression for 14 years and told MDR 2021: "I think it's wrong to fight depression. I try to live with it. It is now times part of me and makes my being. It is not something that is imposed from the outside. It is something that is inside me and belongs to me. That means I have to embrace my demons. Say, 'OK, today sucks, but tomorrow might be better.' In 2021, he and his colleague Sandra Strauß published the book Nicht gesellschaftsfähig, in which various people talk about anxiety, depression, suicide and other topics that otherwise only experts seem to talk about.
  • Diana Doko founded the association Freunde für's Leben in 2001 together with Gerald Schömbs. Today she is a PR consultant, journalist, lecturer and active as the first chairwoman of the board.
  • Markus Kavka is hosting the talk show of death for the second time. In 2019 he was in Leipzig with his guests, now he comes to Kassel and uses the stage to make thoughts and exchange about these heavy topics possible.

The Talkshow of Death is an event of the FUNUS Foundation and takes place in cooperation with the Museum für Sepulkralkultur 2021 in Kassel.


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