Theater: Do Your Magic Theater: Do Your Magic
Theater: Do Your Magic
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18. & 19. January 2023
both dates 7:30 pm



Regular: 12 €
Reduced: 8 €

Place: Dock 4
Oberste Gasse
34117 Kassel


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Do your magic

There must be something to do

A person lives his life. Beautiful, sad and troublesome days are part of it, as well as the perspectives on the future, love, hope. In the play Do your magic – There must be something to do, this person is a man, an elderly actor.

He gets a diagnosis from the doctor and a mortal terror befalls him.

It could suddenly be over. Very quickly. At the same time, he was about to play a great role just a moment ago.

In the moment of terror, they all pass him by: life's experiences, loved ones, and literary figures who have accompanied him. How often has he met death in the game? Has he always found his way in life? How often did he stand at the precipice, who stood by his side? The magic spells of his childhood Hokuspokus-Simsalabim resonate. They awaken in him a breath of hope not to give up. As long as imagination rises above fear, the shadows lose their power: Do your magic!

Text inspirations
Franz Kafka, Erich Fried, Max Frisch, Hermann Hesse, Alexander Kluge, Molière, texts from the writing workshop and press articles

Theaterclub+ bei thearte
Inge Berneburg, Dr. Horst Euler, Aya Limbacher, Monika Link, Ingrid Masuhr, Brigitte Peters,
Ulla Pospiech, Ulrike Sitte, Kurt Sogel

Brigitte Sturm-Schott

Robin Krone

Photo: Robin Krone
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