Tianwa Yang – Encounters Tianwa Yang – Encounters
Tianwa Yang – Encounters


20. – 23. August 2020

TIANWA YANG - Encounters

Chamber Music Festival

To create Encounters of all kinds with the help of chamber music - the concern of the top violinist Tianwa Yang, who lives in Kassel, Germany, was put in the way this year by the corona pandemic and the current Covid 19 regulations. The fact that culture does take place is indispensable for the violinist and the team of the Kasseler Musiktage, who present the festival annually: reduced, with distance, with caution - but no less emotional and fulminant.

Instead of the originally planned concerts, this year there will be a series of concerts under the title "B-A-C-H 14" at the Museum of Sepulchral Culture, which revolve around the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. This time, Bach's numerical symbolism, which is often found in his works, plays a special role. For example, the composer often used the number Fourteen to immortalize himself in his works: The letters B-A-C-H are placed second, first, third and eighth in the alphabet - fourteen together. Fourteen spectators* will each be able to encounter Tianwa Yang's violin playing in six short concerts.

B-A-C-H 14

Complex violin music on its own
Tianwa Yang plays works by Bach, Ysaÿe and Knox

He is also known today as a number symbolist, the great Bach - his solo sonatas and partitas for violin are a good example, as the mathematical genius clearly takes second place to the emotional character of the pieces. Although the music is played alone, polyphony sounds as if one would encounter a whole ensemble. Many composers were inspired by these works, including Eugène Ysaÿe 200 years later, who in his sonatas appeals to the performer to put emotion before technical skill. The contemporary composer Garth Knox also wants to convey exactly that with his pieces, in addition to training the technique: fun to play and listen to.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Partita No. 2 D minor BWV 1004




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