dying is coming dying is coming
dying is coming
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Photo: Frank Hellwig


25. April 2004 – 19. September 2004

Dying is coming

"For God's sake, for mankind" is the motto for the "Week for Life" 2004, a joint initiative of the Protestant and Catholic Churches, which focuses on "The dignity of person at the end of their life" in various events.

To mark this occasion, the Museum for Sepulchral Culture is showing the special exhibition sterben kommt (dying is coming), staged and curated by the Münster artist Wilm Weppelmann.

sterben kommt is a comprehensive artistic presentation of the last question, the end of life.

"To be human means: to be on earth as a mortal means to live". This sentence by Martin Heidegger serves the exhibition as a motto. People live in a house and from every room, from the hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and children's room, from the garden and balcony, there is always a different perspective on dying and death.

Analogous to the Week for Life, the exhibition also takes on different perspectives, and repeatedly poses questions that arise from the respective room situation and stimulate a free flow of associations. What influences our idea of dying? What does dying mean and how do we know about our mortality? Why do we have to die? Why are we allowed to die? How do we deal with the experience of dying? And much more. Twenty-four doors block the way into the exhibition, the birth certificate becomes the key, the coat rack a place to store all-too-human things, synonyms for the word "die" as a kind of word space, TV sets flood out of the wall and into the imaginary world, in the restroom the subject is safely disposed of and in the children's room death is practiced on the joystick.  Everything in the exhibition is different, but somehow close and familiar. Here, the most obvious things show unrecognized sides, because "death comes" to life to protect it from forgetfulness.

For each room, expanding and sometimes very surprising factual information is offered and broken down for reading, the knowledge store.


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