Ecce Blalla! Ecce Blalla!
Ecce Blalla!
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24. February 2013 – 21. April 2013

Crashes and soaring flights - a life

Blalla W. Hallmann (1941-1997) in the Kraft Collection

A preoccupation with death runs through almost the entire work of Blalla W. Hallmann. Not only does he make his psychotic illness, the suicides of five friends and his own near-death experience subject of his works, but also the description of two of his own suicide attempts and the struggle to return to life. This is most vividly shown in his life review, the Curriculum vitae – Der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben (The Way, the Truth and the Life).

The exhibition at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture focuses on this Curriculum vitae, which he published towards the end of his life in 1995. It shows the unsparing inventory of an artist's life from his birth to his death which the artist already anticipated two years ahead with his last paper "Heim, mir reicht's" before he died of cancer. For the first time, this series will be presented along with other paintings, drawings and prints from the Kraft Collection, which - chronologically integrated into the artist's life – supported his biographical exploration. The result is a highly unusual exhibition of works: the inner view of an artist's life at the borderline between art and illness, failure and later attention, provocation and poetry. Pictures are displayed in this art exhibition in a typical manner – however, there is a whole life be seen. Blalla W. Hallmann, who died at the age of 56 on July 2, 1997, leaves behind a large and widely distributed compilation of paintings, drawings, etchings, linocuts and sculptural works.

The passionate collector and committed curator Dr. Hartmut Kraft from Cologne, who already organised several exhibitions such as Kopffüßler, Kunst auf Rezept, Kunst und Tabu or Tanz mit dem Totentanz, presents works of the artist’s collection in the exhibition "Ecce BLALLA !”. It is a personal as well as comprehensive selection of exemplary pieces from all stages of his work.

Blalla Hallmann wanted to participate in the artists' necropolis in the Habichtswald Kassel with a monument as early as 1996, but was unable to do so due to illness. Instead, he created a votive picture in an aluminum box attached to a tree. The artist painted the picture "Abendtreffen an der Lichtung – Harrys Abschied” (1997) on the occasion of Harry Kramer's death and gave it to his wife as a mourning gift. He died before he was able create his own promised tomb for the necropolis.

Curator: Dr. Hartmut Kraft, Cologne


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