Last Minute Last Minute
Last Minute
Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, Bildarchiv


21. October 2000 – 8. July 2001

an exhibition on dying and death      

The confrontation with the last things happens – metaphorically speaking – at the last minute. Last minute as mentality. Dying and death are more present in the media than ever before, but concrete experiences and processing are largely pushed back into the private sphere and highly individualized.

The exhibition Last Minute – An Exhibition on Dying and Death from the Stapferhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland, approaches the subject of dying and death from the perspective of those living today. Staged spatial images allow us to experience how dying and death are perceived and coped with in different ways, whether that be private or institutional settings.

The way people of different generations and cultures deal with dying here and now. What does death mean to them? And: what does it mean to me personally? How has the relationship to death changed? With what consequences? Is a new culture of dying emerging in the post-industrial society? What do we expect from it? The exhibition offers a sensitive, open-minded and sensual approach to the topic and provides a wide range of insights into little-known giving a true-to-life overview of the culture of dying in our society.

The response to Last minute in Switzerland is extremely positive, as is evident by the approximately 50,000 visitors who have visited the exhibition.

We are pleased to be able to be the onl ymuseum in Germany to present this successful project.


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