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Live at last
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15. June 2013 – 30. November 2013

Cabinet Exhibition

Gravestones from the work of Jörg Bollin

When Jörg Bollin creates gravestones, he does not create memorial fossilized memorial blocks, but – as he puts it himself – antennas. That is why his grave signs almost exclusively follow the slender form of the stele, which he designs in such a varied way that he avoids any kind of harmony between his signs. His steles are calibrated to receive and pass on the signals to us – here in life, not in the hereafter. Jörg Bollin and collects his impressions all over the world, because he travels and registers his surroundings not only with a photographic eye, but with the camera itself. And his impressions inspire him, from them he derives his formal design ideas.

But his artistic will is not limited to the formal, he wants to decipher the signals in order to gain insights into the unexplored nature of what is commonly called life. What life is, Bollin brings to the shortest possible formula: I AM. And behind this is a tremendous will to live, which is simply expressed in the fact that it is the here and now, the HINC ET NUNC, as it is called on another grave sign, which constitutes life.

At the opening there was a sound performance by and with Olaf Pyras.


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