The Etruscan. Hidden discovery The Etruscan. Hidden discovery
The Etruscan. Hidden discovery
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Photo: Frank Hellwig


29. March 2003 – 20. July 2003

Discovery in secrecy

The exhibition THE ETRUSCANS gives an insight into the faith, the land and above all the life of the Etruscans, although almost all the findings stem from the necropolises and tombs. This connection between the cult of the dead and the culture of life is the main reason for showing the exhibition in the Museum of Sepulchral Culture: Burial culture is important because it is about life.

There are about 500 original objects from a hitherto little-known private collection from Chiusi/Italy on display, which will be made known to the public and research community for the first time through the exhibition catalog.

Cultures face the same fate as people. They are born, blossom, experience their peak, then their decline and die. People are remembered because they are remembered at their graves. We only know about some cultures because we know their necropolises and gravesites. Among these cultures are the Etruscans, whose cities, dwellings and temples have almost completely disappeared. However, we know their tombs in the form of burial objects that have preserved the whole spectrum of life: everyday objects, religious cult objects, portraits and pictures.

Produktion: Contemporanea, Progetti s.r.l., Firenze  

Kurator*innen: Dr. Guilio Paolucci, Dr. Guilia Pettena, Dr. Domizia Tami


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