Young & Old – Adventure of the Generations Young & Old – Adventure of the Generations
Young & Old – Adventure of the Generations
Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, Bildarchiv


3. July 1999 – 15. August 1999

Young & Old

The Adventure of the Generations   

A travelling exhibition project of the German Hygiene Museum Dresden in partnership with the German Health Insurance AG

"Old & Young" is an exhibition in which everyone can and may feel like a specialist. Who is young, who is old? – the exhibition shows how blurry the terms are and that not only nature decides the question, but also the era and society one lives in.

Through staged rooms and atmospherically dense installations, the exciting relationships in the coexistence of old and young can be experienced in all its facets by visitors, old and young, in a playful way.

Three stages introduce the visitor to the topic. In a short historical review, the relationships between the generations in the 19th century are illuminated, a century in which the myth of the harmonious extended family prevailed and is persistently maintained to this day.

The central section of the exhibition focuses on contemporary constellations. With imaginative installations and diverse animations, the family world is staged “as a jungle of intense personal relationships, finely woven networks between the generations and stable mutual solidarity" (Annette Lepenies).

The "Future Workshop" at the end of the exhibition sketches possible paths for the next millennium and points out changes in the relationship old – young in the future.

"The 'Adventure of the Generations' leads through adventure landscapes, which inspire to connect surprising insights into the living together of old and young with own experiences. Familiar things appear in a new light, ideas about the past are corrected and pictures of a future that has long begun are shown. Staged rooms convey scientific information, which is supplemented by artistic installations.” (Annette Lepenies)

The touring exhibition, which conceptually developed from the exhibition of the same name in the German Hygiene Museum Dresden (December 18, 1997 – May 10, 1998), is based on an idea by Annette Lepenies and was realized in partnership with the German Health Insurance Company (Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG) with the kind support of the Cultural Foundation of the German States and the Adia and Körber Foundations.

Dr. Christine Bergmann, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, has accepted the patronage of this extraordinary touring exhibition.


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