Dialogue with the End Dialogue with the End
Dialogue with the End


15. October 2022 – 5. February 2023

A traveling exhibition by the Körber Foundation


An accompanying program awaits you for the exhibition. You can find the events >> here

DIALOGue with the END

A Traveling Exhibition

About Finiteness and Life

"Do you want to live forever?", "What do you want to be remembered for?" or "Is there a beautiful death?" These and ten other existential questions will be asked by visitors to the exhibition Dialogue with the End at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture starting in the fall of 2022.

Life is unique and it will end. Let's talk about it! 

This is the guiding principle of the traveling exhibition Dialogue with the End (Dialog mit dem Ende), which will be on display at six other locations in Germany in addition to Trier.

Death is the last taboo. People don't talk about dying in a society that wants to become ever healthier and more efficient. But every life ends with death. Sooner or later.

For Dialogue with the End, filmmaker Sylvie Hohlbaum and photographer Steffen Baraniak therefore went in search of people in their final phase of life.

The result is an exhibition film as well as impressive photographs of the protagonists who are confronted with the end of life.

In this way, Dialogue with the End approaches this difficult and yet very everyday topic of death.  How intensively, extensively or timidly the approach takes place is up to the visitors themselves.

The exhibition offers space for conversations, and at the same time, voluntarily engaged mediators invite visitors to interactively participate in the dialogue by answering the exhibition's questions on a pinboard.

The exhibition is accompanied by a supporting program at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture (and in the city of Kassel).

Further information about the traveling exhibition can be found here: www.dialog-mit-dem-ende.de.

The exhibition is a cooperation project of the Körber Foundation and the Beisheim Foundation.


Jonathan Petzold
Programme Manager Digital Ageing Worlds,
Living with Death
Area Age and Demography

Gräpelweg 8
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Phone: +49 (0) 40 72 57 02 -30
E-Mail: petzold@koerber-stiftung.de

Web: www.dialog-mit-dem-ende.de
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