One for the Road One for the Road
One for the Road
© Ari Plikat

One for the Road – Caricatures on Life and Death

Death is as colourful as life. It lurks around every corner and can take on amazing forms – and it often comes when you don't expect it or when you just can't use it. But since it is inevitable, it is necessary to face it.
33 cartoonists dedicate their works to what awaits us all and show that it is perfectly possible to make jokes about the most serious matter in the world. In this way they take up the fight against the last hour – because one thing is certain: as soon as you can laugh about something, it loses its terror a little bit.

A repro version of the exhibition "Einer geht noch" (One for the road) is available for transfer. It comprises  54 high-quality framed reproductions of the best cartoons of the exhibition. The compilation can thus be adapted to a wide variety of spatial situations.

In addition, borrowers can access professionally prepared materials for press and public relations work. The exhibition catalogue can be ordered for comission at the purchase price.

If, for example, you would like to have a specific thematic focus for your association, we would be happy to make a selection of the available works in individual consultation. For example, you can receive special caricatures on the subject of mourning.

Contact person for rental from Caricatura Kassel

Saskia Wagner

Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 1
34117 Kassel

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