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Religious aspects of sepulchral culture

The ideas of the hereafter and the process of passing away include fundamental questions of all religions and world views. How people believe in life after death, what rituals and rules exist for the burial of the deceased, and how relatives, the dying, and the community prepare for death also depends on traditions and doctrine. In our permanent exhibition there is a section dedicated to the burial customs of various religious groups in Germany. There, children, young people and adults can find out about the rites and traditions of religious communities living in Germany. In the permanent exhibition, the funeral and commemoration culture of the Christian tradition is explored. For a large part of intercultural, interreligious coexistence in society is reflected in the sepulchral culture.


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A joint visit to the museum is also a popular addition to confirmation classes. In the course of a whole afternoon or a single lesson within the weekly teaching hours, groups can take a look at the last things in the museum. Together we look at exhibits that have to do with the Christian idea of the hereafter, for example. We talk about heaven and hell, burial and cremation and of course there is room for personal thoughts and ideas about death.

Since dying, burial, mourning and ideas about the afterlife are elementary components of the faith of all religions, we are happy to receive inquiries from all interested parties. We are constantly working on a design of our educational mission that appeals to everyone.

In addition to guided tours, special workshops or museum rallies are offered.

School visit in the museum
Students of the 9th grade of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Göttingen work out fictitious burials with the help of the permanent exhibition on multicultural burial customs.
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Students working on Hindu funeral
Students of the 9th grade of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Göttingen Sepulcral culture
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Pain diary, memento mori, depictions of purgatory: different insights into the preparations for death
Students of the 9th grade of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Göttingen
© Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, Bildarchiv

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