Friends of the Museum
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The Museum for Sepulchral Culture has a Circle of Friends

Founded in 2020

The newly founded network of museum friends faces a wide range of opportunities and tasks. A central challenge is to support the preparations for the sweeping redesign of the museum, which have been underway since 2017. Particularly in this phase, the museum team has already experienced how helpful it is to have support in times of change, to be able to offer advice and assistance in such a project. The network of friends will intensify this commitment to a unique museum from now on.

For all those who would like to support the future of the museum in this way, special insights will be offered, for example with special guided tours and events. For their part, the Friends of the Museum agree to donate 150 euros annually. These donations are always allocated to specific purposes, such as the promotion of new positions in art, design and handicrafts in the context of the sepulchral culture or the acquisition of works for our museum collection. Cultural education projects in the context of the important educational work with children and young people can also be supported.

In this way, the Friends of the Museum make a very direct and visible contribution to the development of the museum, without, however, influencing the museum's orientation in terms of content and personnel.

Projects that can be realized with the donations are presented in the quarterly magazine for sepulchral culture and on the website of the museum.

Bertram Hilgen, former Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel, is spokesman for the new Friends of the Museum.
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Exclusive preview of the special exhibition "Memento - Im Kraftfeld der Erinnerungen.
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The First Meeting of the Friends

14. September 2020

On September 14, 25 of the 52 Friends of the Museum met for the first exchange at the Museum for Sepulchral Culture.

The former mayor of the city of Kassel, Bertram Hilgen, the director of the museum, Dr. Dirk Pörschmann, as well as the trainee Tatjana Ahle presented the current projects, exhibitions and the upcoming new concept to the new friends. In the future, such meetings will take place once or twice a year to exchange information and report on the museum's activities.

Museum director Dr. Dirk Pörschmann reports on the activities and successes of the previous year.
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Our Friends


Bertram Hilgen

Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel a. D. (2005 to 2017)

Naming in alphabetical order

Kathrin und Stephan Balkenhol

Margit Berghof und Bertram Hilgen

Former Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel

Brigitte Bergholter


Brigitte und Dr. Erhard Biermer


Elke Bockhorst und Jörg Sperling

Kerstin Braun

Brigitte und Wolfram Bremeier

Former Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel

Ortrud und Jörg Desch

Gabriele und Hans Eichel

Former Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel

Pfarrer Harald Fischer

Catholic Parish St. Familia Kassel

Ilona Friedrich

Lord Mayor of the City of Kassel

Regina und Peter Glinicke

Timon Gremmels MdB

Member of the German Bundestag for the SPD.

Direct Mandate of the Constituency Kassel

Mehmet Güler


Regina Grunwald-Schleiff und Günter Schleiff

Dr. Paul Hornung

Former President of the Local Court Kassel

Elfriede Huber-Söllner

Patricia Hübner-Ayres und Reinhard Hübner

Foundation Hübner und Kennedy GmbH

Friederike Jünemann

Dr. Monika Junker-John


Dr. Kai Leimbach

Dr. Sigrid und Georg von Meibom

Karin Müller MdL

Vice President of the Hessian State Parliament

Christof Nolda

Head of Urban Development,

Building and Environment,

City of Kassel

Matthias Nölke MdB

Member of the State Executive Committee

of the FDP Hessen

Anne Riedel, Burkhard Fincke

Journalist, Former Baurat of the City of Korbach

Michael Roth MdB

Minister of State for Europe

at the Federal Foreign Office

Dr. Michael von Rüden

CDU Faction Leader of the

City Council of Kassel

Helge und Dr. Volker Schäfer

Ulli und Horst Schween

Monika Wiebusch

Former City Councilor,

City Planner

 Brigitte Zypris

Former Federal Minister of Justice



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