Stephan Balkenhol "Totentanz"

Who leads?

Edition "Totentanz"
Stephan Balkenhol, (GER, * 1957)
wood cut, 2018

Since the 15th century, the aesthetic examination of the motif of the Dance of Death has reflected the realization that all people – regardless of age, social status or profession – can be called away from death into the hereafter at any time. In the late Middle Ages and early modern times, the moral aspect was at the forefront. One should be prepared, that is, without sin. Stephan Balkenhol lets a woman dance dynamically in the arms of a bone-man dressed in a black suit. One would almost like to think that the two are connected in a lively way in dance, which has always been considered an expression of the joy of life. Who leads, who follows? Who believes to lead and yet only follows? Who follows without noticing that he leads?

The edition "Totentanz" (Dance of Death), which Stephan Balkenhol cut into wood and printed for the Museum for Sepulchral Culture, was created as part of the special exhibition "deadline".

A few editions of the graphic "Totentanz" are still available through the museum. The price is EUR 890,- plus shipping costs if applicable. If you are interested please contact Kerstin Hering: or 0 561 91893 13.

Edition "Death Dance"
Stephan Balkenhol
© VG Bild-Kunst Bonn / Museum für Sepulkralkultur, Kassel, Bildarchiv

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