Five Photographies from "The Family Imprint"

Grief and joy close together

Photographies from the series "The Family Imprint"
Nancy Borowick (US, *1985)
C-Prints / 2017

Nancy Borowick calls herself a humanitarian photographer. She studied documentary photography and photojournalism at the International Center of Photography and anthropology and photography at Union College, N.Y. In addition to numerous publications and exhibitions, she gives lectures and consultations at universities and hospices.
The focus of her journalistic work is on telling stories about personal relationships and the careful and respectful observation of people in humanitarian, health or social crises. With humility, compassion and trust, Borowick approaches her subject and explores its multifaceted cosmos.


The work The Family Imprint was triggered by the almost simultaneous diagnosis of her parents Howie and Laurel Borowick, both of whom were suffering from incurable cancer. Their daughter decided to capture everything with her camera in order to be with them as often as possible and at the same time, through photography, to create a familiar context, but also a safety net and distance that shielded them from actual reality. The pictures show a family that endured moments of despair, but also always met fate with humour. Howie Borowick died in 2013, Laurel one year later. The monograph The Family Imprint, published in 2017, comprises photographs, letters and notes documenting the time spent together and the loss.
The five photographs were purchased for the Museum of Sepulchral Culture after they were shown in the special exhibition in Lamento – Mourning and Tears.


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