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Foundation Central Institute for Sepulchral Culture

The Central Institute for Sepulchral Culture conducts basic research through scientific studies of historical cemeteries, grave signs, event- and person related monuments, mourning and burial customs, developments in dealing with dying and death as well as research into development trends.
With the Museum for Sepulchral Culture, the Central Institute is today a recognised research centre in the German museum landscape and is also regularly involved in scientific national and international conferences. In addition, specialist conferences are organised with various cooperation partners, e.g. universities.

It is the editor of the Kassel Studies for Sepulchral Culture and the Kassel Manuscripts for Sepulchral Culture, the Large Encyclopedia on Burial and Cemetery Culture (four volumes to date) and is responsible for the publication of the Journal for Sepulchral Culture/ Cemetery and Monument Various publications are offered via the publication shop.

The various scientific advisory boards, which are made up of representatives from a wide range of disciplines (cultural studies, folklore, archaeology, history, media studies, medicine, ethics, landscape planning, etc.), discuss the latest trends and questions as to how they can be incorporated into research in the future.

The Central Institute also maintains various archives: the library, the music archive and the slide and photo archive are available to the museum, the working group and the public for scientific activities.

Working Group for Basic Research

The Working Group deals with basic research on sepulchral culture and the publication activities of the Central Institute. In 2016, it also formed a subgroup, the so-called "Lexicon Group". It elaborated the series of the Big Lexicon on Funeral and Cemetery Culture (volumes 1 – 5), which is completed with the publication of the 4th volume 2020.

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Dr. Thorsten Benkel

Position: Academic Councilor for Sociology at the University of Passau

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Prof. Dr. Norbert Fischer

Position: Professor of Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg and author

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Stephan Hadraschek M.A.

Position: mortician; network manager, public relations and expert advice at ASV Deutschland GmbH, historian

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Prof. em. Dr. Thomas Macho

Position: Director of IFK (International Research Centre Cultural Studies Art Academy Linz in Vienna)

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Dr. Jane Redlin

Position: Museum of European Cultures, National Museums in Berlin

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Dr. Andreas Ströbl

Position: Working Group Research Centre Gruft, Lübeck

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