Consulting: Cemetery and funeral law Consulting: Cemetery and funeral law
Consulting: Cemetery and funeral law

Cemetery and funeral law

Cemetery and funeral law is a legally demanding special subject, the application of which often causes difficulties in practice. Whether it is that cemetery administrations have problems with the application of their own cemetery statutes or that stonemasons, undertakers and other tradesmen or their customers – i.e. those entitled to use the cemetery – do not agree with the regulations of the cemetery statutes and their effects. Important for a cemetery statute is its legal compliance with legal regulations as well as the extensive case law on cemetery and funeral law.

Through its legal advisor, Prof. Dr. T. Barthel, the Study Group Cemetery and Monument e. V. offers legal assistance in this regard: either in the rewriting or revision of cemetery statutes or simply in the review of individual passages for their legal validity. Similarly, gravestone applications for which there is doubt as to whether they can be approved or which have been rejected can be submitted for legal review.

Individual legal problems arising from cemetery and burial law can be examined with a legal opinion.

General information

Providing well-founded and practice-oriented information on all questions of funeral and cemetery culture is one of the original tasks of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft friedhof und Denkmal (Study Group Cemetery and Monument).

Cemetery owners and administrations are advised as well as tradespeople, cultural institutions and private individuals. The spectrum ranges from design recommendations and legal advice to cemetery planning.

At the same time, the working group develops guidelines and recommendations that are intended to lead to a sustainable funeral culture oriented towards the requirements of the present and communicates them to a broad public. Lectures, seminars and further training events serve this purpose.

On request, it also offers further consulting by our staff or establishes contacts with other experts.


Consultations for members:
Initial consultation costs up to 2.5 hours are free for members of the ARGE.
Further consultation: Hourly rate 180,- € (plus 19 % VAT)

Consultations for non-members:
Hourly rate 180,- € (plus 19 % VAT)
Invoicing is done by the legal advisor of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e. V.


Ines Niedermeyer

Position: Secretariat

Telefon: 0561 918 93 40

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Prof. Dr. Torsten F. Barthel

Position: Legal adviser of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e. V.

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