Teacher Training: El Día de los Muertos – Dealing with Grief Teacher Training: El Día de los Muertos – Dealing with Grief
Teacher Training: El Día de los Muertos – Dealing with Grief
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A special form of intercultural learning

On Día de los Muertos, Mexicans commemorate the deceased in a casual and almost cheerful manner. They assume that their deceased relatives will pay them a visit on this day. For this purpose, they set up magnificent, colorful gift tables, so-called "ofrendas" with all the things that the deceased loved. Beautiful shared experiences emerge, people remember the preferences of the deceased, their endearing idiosyncrasies, and spend quality time with them once again until they are bidden farewell the following day.

This way of dealing with death, which is unusual for Central Europeans, is for Mexicans an essential part of their own identity. It is lovingly cultivated as a tradition. But at the same time it initiates new forms of dealing with shocking events, as the project by students at the Hegelsberg School shows. The touching Ofrenda, designed with great empathy, enabled the students to confront events that deeply moved them. Because in the creation of an ofrenda, the focus is not on the circumstances of the death, but on the inclinations, passions and desires of the deceased. And this empathy makes it easier to reflect and accept the unchangeable.

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The offer is aimed exclusively at teachers and UBUS staff of the state of Hesse as well as teachers of independent schools in the Kassel education region.

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