Seminars 2020

Cancellation of the seminar for cemetery employees (postponed to 8/9.9.2020), seminar on the design of communal graves in cemeteries (postponed to 12/13.10.2020) and the cemetery administrators' meeting (8.10.2020)

Although we on the part of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Friedhof und Denkmal e. V. are very much lacking the seminar participants on site, we as organizers see the risk in relation to Covid-19 for the versatile seminars as too high to offer them this year. We regret this very much. Also, essential qualities that characterize the seminars, such as the deepening of the content through guided tours in the museum, the experience of certain spatial situations in a real cemetery and the exchange with colleagues, cannot be conveyed via digital formats. Of course, we will continuously check the conditions to see whether seminar planning is possible again. Please inform yourself about future dates via our website.

Dagmar Kuhle


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