Death Slam


14. – 22. November 2020

Death Slam


No matter how you put it, the DEATHSLAM is the philosopher among the Slams. Every text touches the end that we don't really want to see. And so we swing ourselves in front of the stage into a meeting with the Grim Reaper, who shakes us and says smiling to our faces: "Live first." Because even if the DEATHSLAM lives up to its name, it is above all about one thing: life.

The DEATHSLAM is an event of the FUNUS Foundation and has been taking place once a year in different cities since 2015. In cooperation with local slam clubs, the FUNUS Foundation seeks locations that are special and can offer death an unusual environment.

Death Slam Digitally

We slam for life and death. In times of Covid-19, this cannot be done live on stage for too many aerosols and other human exhalations would get into the air and endanger other people. No, in pandemic times the DeathSlam comes to you from the home office.

On Saturday, November 14, the digital DeathSlam will begin: one clip will be presented every day, six of them in total. After that, voting can take place for three days. The winner will receive a fulminant trophy.

The videos will be published at the youtube channel of the FUNUS foundation (Der tote Winkel). A new clip will be published every day at 9 pm. From November 20 to 22, the vote for the winner of the digital DeathSlam will take place.


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