"...gib mir den Ort" (give me the place)
© Felix Pestemer
Photo: Frank Hellwig


"...give me the place"

Six facets of grief for a child

In May 2020, the Museum of Sepulchral Culture showed the exhibition "... give me the place" by Claus Maywald with contributions from Chris Paul and Felix Pestemer. The starting point for the exhibition is the volume of poetry "Monologue". In it Claus Maywald speaks to his daughter Lara, who died at the age of six. In this "Monologue" Claus Maywald experiences the facets of mourning as described by the expert for mourning work Chris Paul in her "Kaleidoscope of Mourning".

The exhibition is now conceived as a mobile travelling exhibition and can be loaned in various configurations.

Due to its special subject matter, it is particularly suitable as illustrative material for events, conferences and seminars on death and grief counselling. It consists of 13 roll-ups. In addition to the introductory text, 6 roll-ups outline the kaleidoscope of mourning. On 6 further roll-ups large-format "soul pictures" illustrate the ups and downs of Claus Maywald's path of grief. The exhibition is supplemented by 6 monitors. Videos with excerpts from the poetry collection "Monolog" are pre-installed on these monitors.  In addition, there is another video that can be shown on end devices of the borrower, e.g. as a beamer projection. The loan package includes 10 catalogues. Optionally, a postcard set and letterbox for visitor interaction can be requested.

The exhibition can be easily integrated into your event location. The set-up is easy to manage and does not require any special security measures. On request, our team will be happy to take care of the delivery, set-up and return transport for you.

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions!

Catalogue "...gib mir den Ort" (give me the place)


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