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Our depot contains objects of folk art, craftsmanship, handicrafts, contemporary art and product design. Accordingly, the spectrum ranges from devotional objects, textiles for the dead and mourning, coffins, urns, memorial and commemorative accessories, grave markings and epitaphs to means of transport and vehicles. Artefacts of outstanding cultural-historical value include reliquaries, souvenir plaques for the poor and crowns for the dead, as well as coffins with epochal or iconographic features, including an Art Nouveau coffin, a coffin for sailors and so-called death baskets. In addition, a historical English wheel stretcher and hearses from the 1950s and 1960s are further highlights of our collection. Also numerous grave and monument designs of partly renowned sculptors such as Karl Donndorf are part of our collection. Last but not least, the Graphic Art Collection, which is kept in the magazine, is outstanding and includes engravings and etchings by famous artists such as Max Klinger, Heinrich Zille, Alfred Kubin, Käthe Kollwitz and Horst Janssen as well as a large number of ex-libris.

If you have a research interest in our holdings and special objects or prints, please contact our curator. On request, we will also be happy to provide you with background material and illustrations.

In addition, our slide and photo archive and an extensive specialist library are available for your research.


Dr. Ulrike Neurath

Position: Custodian

Telefon: 0561 / 918 93 20

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Museum Digital

Museum digital is a platform on which museums throughout Germany and internationally can digitise their collections.

Objects of various kinds are linked with each other by multiple references and made easily accessible for the public and research in order to illustrate connections and make them easier to find.

Our collection, too, will gradually be added to the comprehensive compilation of museum objects of the project.


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