Kaleidoscope of spaces Kaleidoscope of spaces
Kaleidoscope of spaces


27. October – 06. November 2022

As part of the Kassel Music Days 2022 under the motto "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

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Kaleidoscope of spaces

A sound installation

Until November 6, 2022, the Museum for Sepulchral Culture offers a unique spatial experience: In a 3D audio installation, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating sound world of the composer Heinrich Schütz, whose death this year marks the 350th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the Kassel Music Days will be holding several events that will allow visitors to experience his music from today's perspective and in a contemporary form of performance.

Part I – Kaleidoskop der Räume (Kaleidoscope of Spaces). Psalmen Davids reworked
Part II – time traveller. Exequien reworked
Part III – Nicht von dieser Welt (Not From This World). Passion reworked
Part IV – Liebe. Verleih uns Frieden (Love. Bring Us Peace) reworked

Fabian Russ Orchestronik ®
Carlo Grippa Sounddesign and 3D mix
Max Leicht, Fabian Russ Audio Dome

Translating a space into sound – Heinrich Schütz understood this like hardly anyone before him, as if he already had a 3D understanding of music. Today, this sound-rich multi-choral music, highly modern in its time, is the stimulus and inspiration for Leipzig-based sound artist and composer Fabian Russ, whose focus lies in the interweaving of electronics and classical music in a live 3D listening room. Russ immerses himself in the complex works, creates a moving dialogue with the original composition, traces the multi-layered entanglements and creates a new sound space. His cycle Kaleidoskop der Räume (Kaleidoscope of Spaces), conceived in recent years and now completed, a work commissioned by the Heinrich Schütz Musikfest for the festival year SCHÜTZ22 – weil ich lebe (because I live) is designed in four parts. In the second part, time traveler, premiered in 2021, samples from the Musikalische Exequien, which Schütz composed in 1636 on the occasion of the funeral of his sovereign Heinrich Posthumus Reuß, are extracted, recombined and interwoven with the original recordings. In the 350th year of the composer's death, this installation can be experienced in Kassel at the place that deals with death in many ways: the Museum für Sepulkralkultur. Modern composition, contemporary sound design and innovative audio technology meet the music of the 17th century. The 3D audio sound generated provides a unique spatial experience. Through the hemispherical sound dome with its 32 loudspeakers, one can immerse oneself in all sonic facets. During the festival year 2022, this 3D Klangdom will be experienced at central (contactor) locations, once again emphasizing the work like an innovative reception and artistic reinterpretation. In Kassel, the installation will take place as part of the Kassel Music Days 2022 under the motto "Where are you going?" in cooperation with the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival | SCHÜTZ22 from October 27 to November 06, 2022 with free admission at the Museum für Sepulkralkultur.

Current information at www.kasseler-musiktage.de.



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